Freeze 2 columns in excel 2010

To Freeze Top Column is nothing but freezing your first column i. Like freezing top row means the very first row of the worksheet and similarly freezing top column or first column means the very first column of the worksheet irrespective of where your data starts. Consider the below datasheet for an example. Download the workbook to get access to the large data set and see the live impacts of freezing the columns in excel. In order to see the first column when you are moving from left to right, we need to freeze the first column.

Follow the below steps to freeze the first column. Now, look at the above image, even though I am in column AB i. Freezing multiple columns is very similar to that of freezing multiple rows. It is almost the identical process of freezing multiple rows.

freeze 2 columns in excel 2010

In my data, I know that the first four columns are the main columns I want to keep seeing at any point in time. If I want to freeze the first 4 columns then I need to place my cursor in the fifth column.

In this I will place a cursor in the E1 cell, refer above image. Now we have frozen first four columns. We can see the straight gray line which indicates the frozen line. We can see all the 4 columns while scrolling from left to right. Right now I am in the last column still I can see the first 4 columns which are frozen. We have learned the ways of freezing rows and columns individually. Here comes the important portion of the article.

Usually in excel first row contains our headers and the first column contains the column headers. This enables me to see the top row while scrolling down and see the first column while scrolling from left to right.

Freeze panes to lock rows and columns

Notes: While freezing top row and first column in excel we have not selected any of the cells. But while selecting multiple rows we have selected the first column cell and while freezing multiple columns we have selected the first row. In this case, I want to freeze only the first row and first column. So I need to select the cell B2 only.

Excel 2010: Freeze Rows And Columns

Note: Excel Unfreeze Panes is available only if any of the freezes are applied in the sheet.If you are usually working with large worksheets, it is really important that you become familiar with the steps to Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel. As you must have noticed, the Column headings go out of view and are no longer visible when you scroll down in an Excel worksheet.

Without the Column headings being visible, it becomes really difficult to enter new data in to proper Columns or to review and compare the existing data. A simple solution to this problem is to simply Freeze the entire Row containing Columns headings.

Once this is done, the Column headings will become frozen and will always be visible when you scroll down.

Note: Freezing Rows or Columns has no effect on printing, it only affects the way that worksheet appears on the screen. In case you want to make the Column Headings stationary and always visible when you scroll down, you can follow the steps below to Freeze the Row containing Column headings. This will freeze the Row containing Column Headings and this particular Row will always stay visible when you scroll down the worksheet. Select any Cell located immediately to the right of the Column that you want to freeze.

This will Freeze Column A and this particular Column will always stay visible when you scroll sideways on the worksheet. In certain cases, you may want to Freeze the Row containing Column Headings and also Freeze the first column or few selected columns in the worksheet. Now the rows above the selected Cell will remain frozen when you scroll down and also the Columns to the left of the selected Cell will also remain frozen when you scroll to the side.

The Frozen Rows or Columns will become free and they will no longer remain frozen or stationary when you scrolled up or down. You may come across an issue where the Freeze Panes option is not available, appears grayed out or it does not work. However, this issue has been fixed in newer versions of Microsoft Excel and you will only face this problem while working on files created using an older versions of Excel older than Excel Skip to main content Skip to primary sidebar If you are usually working with large worksheets, it is really important that you become familiar with the steps to Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel.

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Freeze Rows and Columns in Excel As you must have noticed, the Column headings go out of view and are no longer visible when you scroll down in an Excel worksheet.Atlanta Swim Academy Homepage. When dealing with large amounts of data in an Excel workbook, you often need to use the Freeze Panes item on the ribbon.

This option allows you to keep a certain area visible as you scroll to other parts of your worksheet. You can freeze rows, columns or both rows and columns. I have highlighted the line freezing the row in red in my example:. By freezing column A, as you scroll to the right you will be able to see the data in column A no matter how far to the right you scroll.

This will freeze Row 1 and Column A so that as you scroll through your worksheet, you will always be able to see the titles across the top and the data in column A. I have highlighted the line freezing the row and columns in red in my example. In this case, I started by clicking cell C2 before selecting the Freeze Panes option:. If you would like additional instruction or information on the Freeze Pane item in Excel, I have included a short training video below.

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How to Freeze Multiple Rows and or Columns in Excel using Freeze Panes

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Freeze Panes in Excel Arlene's Blog.To avoid this problem, freeze the rows and columns. Freezing locks specific columns or rows in place so that no matter where you scroll they're always visible on the top or side of the sheet. Instructions in this article apply to Excel, ; Excel Online; and Excel for Mac and later.

Freezing the top row of a worksheet is a great way to keep your Excel headings visible at all times. Follow these three easy steps to get that header to stay in place. To freeze the top row of a worksheet:.

If you're using Excel for Mac, skip this step. Select Freeze Top Row. A border appears just below Row 1 to indicate that the area above the line has been frozen. The data in row 1 remains visible as you scroll down because the entire row is pinned to the top of Excel. In addition to freezing the first row of a worksheet, you can also freeze the first column just as easily. To freeze the first column of a worksheet:.

Select View. Select Freeze Panes. Select Freeze First Column.

freeze 2 columns in excel 2010

The entire column A area is frozen, indicated by the black border between column A and B. Enter some data into column A, scroll to the right, and you'll see the data move with you. Freeze all the rows above the active cell and all the columns to the left of the active cell. These columns and rows remain on the screen at all times, no matter how far you scroll. To keep specified rows and columns visible:. Select a cell that is below the row that you want frozen and to the right of the column you want frozen.

These are the rows and columns that stay visible when you scroll. Two black lines appear on the sheet to show which panes are frozen. The rows above the horizontal line are kept visible while scrolling. The columns to the left of the vertical line are kept visible while scrolling. When you no longer want certain rows and columns to stay in place when you scroll, unfreeze all the panes in Excel.

The data in the frames will remain, but the rows and columns that were frozen will return to their original positions.

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Tweet Share Email. More from Lifewire.To keep an area of a worksheet visible while you scroll to another area of the worksheet, go to the View tab, where you can Freeze Panes to lock specific rows and columns in place, or you can Split panes to create separate windows of the same worksheet.

Freeze the first column.

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The faint line that appears between Column A and B shows that the first column is frozen. Freeze the first two columns. Freeze columns and rows. Select the cell below the rows and to the right of the columns you want to keep visible when you scroll. Not all features are supported in Excel Starter.

You can always ask an expert in the Excel Tech Communityget support in the Answers communityor suggest a new feature or improvement on Excel User Voice.

freeze 2 columns in excel 2010

Freeze panes to lock the first row or column in Excel for Mac. Split panes to lock rows or columns in separate worksheet areas. Overview of formulas in Excel. How to avoid broken formulas. Find and correct errors in formulas. Keyboard shortcuts in Excel. Excel functions alphabetical.

freeze 2 columns in excel 2010

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Select a cell to the right of the column you want to freeze. The frozen columns will remain visible when you scroll through the worksheet. You can press Ctrl or Cmd as you click a cell to select more than one, or you can freeze each column individually.

Freeze Multiple columns in Excel 2010

You'll see this either in the editing ribbon above the document space or at the top of your screen. A menu will drop-down.The Freeze Panes command in Excel lets you freeze portions of a worksheet, typically column and row headings, so that you can view distant parts of the worksheet while the headings remain in place. Freezing panes only affects the current worksheet. If you want to freeze other worksheets, you must select them individually and freeze them.

Columns: Select the column to the right of the columns you want to freeze. For example, click any cell in column B to freeze column A. Rows: Select the row below the rows you want to freeze. For example, click any cell in row 4 to freeze rows 1, 2, and 3.

For example, click cell B2 to freeze both column A and row 1. A thin black line separates the sections. As you scroll down and to the right, notice that the columns above and rows to the left of the cell cursor remain fixed. You can still use your arrow keys or click your mouse to access frozen cells. You can click the Freeze Top Row or Freeze First Column command in the Freeze Panes drop-down menu to freeze just the top row or first column in the worksheet, without regard to the position of the cell cursor in the worksheet.

Pick your course you may be interested in more from Excelfill out a quick registration, and then give eLearning a spin with the Try It! How to Freeze Panes in an Excel Worksheet. Cells above and to the left of the current cell will be frozen.

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